Bodhi has left the building

Bodhi by the door

On July 20th, 2010, Bodhi had a heatstroke. He was a nutty, anxious, active dog before the incident, and continued to be nutty and anxious after it was over, although a bit less active. In fact, for about the first year, I couldn’t even walk him any more. If you’ve followed our journeys here you’ll know that we moved, first from Minnesota to Boston (Lowell, actually), and then trekked all the way across the country to San Francisco. He’s had ups and downs, lots of little illnesses and great improvements in his anxiety levels. He’s been a good dog, really, in some ways *gasp* better than the amazing Detta to whom he was compared for too many years.

Bodhi is a good cuddler, when giving the opportunity. He is so relaxed when he’s relaxed, his whole body just melts into the furniture, or your legs, or whatever he’s on.

Bodhi takes over the chair )

He doesn’t care too much when you are eating, although nowadays he gets more interested as I finish a meal (I have *no* idea why that happens). He’s good on the leash and has been for a long time. He’s good with other dogs, even when some small dog is intent on killing him, he stands, patient, until you dislodge said dog. He is great about alerting you to when he needs to yark, so that, as often as he yarks, he has only done it in the house a few times over the years. He’s quiet (when not egged on by smaller, yappier dogs), too.

And since the….

Well, I started this a few days ago, when Bodhi really started to go downhill. I don’t know why I stopped where I did, but I can tell you that not long after, less than 24 hour later, Bodhi was gone.

While I was waiting for the housecall vet to come and put him out of his misery, I listened to Good Dog, Stay by Anna Quindlen. It’s a fabulous book that I have heard before, not too long after Detta died. It’s not very long, and it really captures, for me, what it’s like to love a dog and let that dog go.

good dog stay

While I was looking for this housecall vet, I had to make the same phone call over and over again, and following what I saw on the websites, I asked about the process of euthanasia at home for a dog. Midway through these calls, someone who cares about me called (for some other reason) and when she asked if I was ok, I blurted out, “I just realized I need to have Bodhi put down” amid sobs. I felt a little guilty about this later, as I was finishing my calls and calling it euthanasia again, like somehow it was a bad thing to say. “Put down” sounded like something so negative. But then Anna came to the part in the book where she talks about that phrase – and how apropos it is to say that you come to a point where you have to put your dog down.


Bodhi lived a pretty good life, with minimal me completely losing my cool with him, good food, lots of exercise and even several years living with a pack of dogs who he loved to be with. And although I’ll always carry a part of him in my heart, I know it was right to put him down when I did. 

Bodhi and max 20131126_130947bodhi and max

Bodhi with best friend Max

bodhi and madam 20140125_144705

Bodhi and Madam

Bodhi in my lap 0113122255

You can’t quite tell, but he’s in my lap here…

Bodhi s taken over the chair

Bodhi takes over my chair

Bodhi kept trying to catch what Bob was shoveling,

Bodhi “gets” the snow!

happy mothers day bodhi may 9 2010

He was sweet even when I was away (thanks Rumi)

me n bodhi greenway


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