Panic – or just graduate

A couple of mornings ago I woke up and was convinced that it was August 6th. I really don’t know why I thought so, but I did, and I continued to think so all day. Getting the date mixed up isn’t a big deal in general (although maybe it is to the staff who keep leaving me little notes that say I have two people scheduled for the same time on the same day). I know it happens to people and it’s definitely happened to me before (just ask the staff).

Since I’m planning to hit the road on August 17th, waking up and thinking it’s August 6th was electrifying. I mean it made my heart rate soar about six times that day. I actually broke out in a sweat a couple of times.

My life here in Mass has been a fairly boring one, to tell you the truth, as I suspected it would be. Most of my days consisted of going to work and coming home. There were a few weeks of dissertation scramble, some late nights writing and a few nights dancing. But for the most part, it was just me, going to work and coming home. A few weeks ago my neighbor asked me, “Don’t you ever go anywhere?! Your car is always here!”

And now that I am getting ready to move, suddenly I have things to do. I went out with the neighbors for a couple of hours after that comment. I went camping for the very first time last weekend (well, it was only one night, but it’s important to start slow with something like camping).

More on Barbarian Weekend later…

Also, about two months ago, I bought a ticket to see Margaret Cho. It seemed like a good idea at the time. She’ll be performing in Provincetown, which is awesome. But it will take up my whole Saturday. 

Waking up believing it was the 6th, though, totally freaked me out. NINE days is NOT enough time to get ready to move! And why was I making plans to do…things? Really?

Uh, yeah. Luckily, it was not the 6th. Now that I’m clear on the date, I’m actually feeling pretty good about where I am in the process. I have most of my clothes packed up and got a good start on the books. I marked off the wall to show the size of the trailer I plan to use, then started stacking things in that corner. 

Meanwhile, in the midst of this sudden whirlwind of activity (hey, for me, one event a weekend is a lot!), I almost forgot that I’m graduating at the end of this month. If you’d like to donate for my move or congratulate me monetarily – the button is at the top on the right. 🙂


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