One week in – Four Hour Body update

Well, I did it, made it through the first week of the new meal plan. Last Sunday was maybe the hardest, trying to figure out how to get all that food in and not feeling particularly creative. I managed to eat 4 times and get in the protein, too.

Monday morning I was down about a pound. Of course I realize weight fluctuates a good deal and I don’t usually weigh myself every day, but either way, just seeing that was enough to make me feel more motivated. Tuesday wasn’t too bad because I was home most of the morning. By Wednesday morning I was down 4 lbs. Wednesday, however, is usually pretty heavy as far as work goes, and due to poor planning, I was forced to drink 2 protein shakes instead of one. I was starving by the time I got home!

Yes, it goes against all of my food morals…

That was when I came up with a great idea for eating more protein. One of my son’s favorite meal is burritos and over the years, we used to make “burrito beans” at least once a week, sometimes twice. Essentially I used ground turkey (from a local farm🙂 ) and 4 cans of beans, two refried and two black/kidney beans, chili peppers, jalapenos, onions and tomatoes, which we ate over brown rice. I loved that stuff. I used to take some out for myself before adding the meat, but I did eat even the part with meat in it if there were leftovers.

Wednesday night, I made a batch, using the very lean turkey I got at Costco. It worked out to 38 grams of protein per cup! I was so excited. This means a quick meal if I’m in a hurry and a small meal for times when I’m feeling too full to eat one more thing. 🙂

Which has been one of the hardest parts – eating enough, often enough. I realized what awful habits I’ve gotten in to over the…years, maybe? I already know from experience I do better if I eat more frequently, but I have been eating maybe twice a day for months. Even when I was still in MN it often happened that I had a nice lunch after a run (no breakfast before) and then didn’t eat again till evening, 8 or 9 after getting home. Also, I gave up running this week. I was having enough trouble trying to figure out how to eat enough protein, on a schedule to try to figure out how to get my run in.

Friday morning I didn’t have to go in to work, but I was really feeling the lack of running (it really helps my mood). So I got up and drank a quick protein shake, thinking that would be better on my stomach, but halfway into my run I was nauseated enough to have to stop briefly.

It’s hard for me to eat right after getting up. I have been getting up and working out, then eating after for years. Even if I take a day off, I never get up and eat first thing. This morning I leapt out of bed and into my run so I could do both, run on an empty stomach and still get my breakfast in in the first hour. I actually woke up hungry, but when I sat down with my breakfast, I had a hard time putting it in my mouth. But I’m good, because I did get that run in, and that feels great.

Back to the week. By Friday I was down 6 lbs. Saturday was the “cheat day.” I got up and had a big, protein filled breakfast. I decided I would try to eat 4 times, even though I totally planned to eat ice cream and all that. I had fabulous pasta for lunch with fresh spinach pesto…but it didn’t taste as good as I expected it to.

That’s not my actual pasta – I forgot to take a picture!

I haven’t had pasta in a couple of months, and in general, the truth is I don’t find it all that satisfying as I used to, but I did expect to enjoy it, at least. Don’t worry, though, I DID enjoy the fresh from the dairy ice cream I had. And my popcorn. I only managed 3 meals (unless you count the popcorn/ice cream as a meal), but I did manage to get 20 grams of protein in every one.

I had 2 Oreos, too, just because, but I forgot that I really only like them when I’m having a migraine. Over the course of the week, I really only had cravings for snacks one night – I don’t remember which night, Wednesday or Thursday, I think. I was sitting staring at my dissertation and feeling particularly non-productive and was wishing for popcorn.

So, after my day off, I’m back up 3 lbs, but I’m not feeling too bad about that. Hard to feel bad after a good, fast run. I only did 30 minutes (trying to get to my breakfast quick) so I did intervals.

Those are obviously not my specs…

One last thing. I did order some of the supplements after having such great progress right away, and started taking them on Thursday. Well, I took one dose Thursday, and maybe managed two on Friday.

Two things about supplements. I have spent most of my life without taking any at all. Then I had to start because of the anemia and apparent Vitamin D3 deficiency. I started that a couple of months ago, and around the same time started taking Migravent, a supplement that is supposed to decrease migraines. So I went from taking none to taking FIVE pills every morning and three at night.

They don’t look like much, but it’s a lot for me!

Adding in the helpful supplements from Four Hour Body has, at times seemed just too much. The second thing is that I think they mess with my stomach some. I was feeling fine before I started to take them, but after I started, I think they make my stomach…something. Uncomfortable. So I don’t know how dedicated I am to taking them.

Well, that’s it. One week down. Even counting the cheat day, I’m down 4 lbs. That works for me!


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