4-Hour Body and the Health Coach

In the midst of my dissertation disaster-extravaganza, I got a notification that a book I put on hold had arrived at the library, the 4-Hour Body.I don’t actually remember putting it on hold, but that happens from time to time. I just went and picked it up. I’ve been dissertating pretty much without doing much else for 6 days, I think, so I decided it was ok to read a few chapters of my new book before getting back into the work. I am finding it engaging, intriguing, and even funny.

He says not to read the book all at once, rather to pick a topic and read all of that, then maybe read others as you go. I started with the recommended reading for Rapid Fat Loss. He makes lots of great points, one of them being that if you measure, you’ll know better about what’s happening. I know this from first hand experience. While working with a talented personal trainer, my inches/body fat measurements were so much more telling than my weight was! He talks about a simple 5 location measurement, then adding up all the numbers for you Total Inches (TI). That way, you can keep simple track of your progress.

In the next chapter, he says, Before you go on, take at least 2 of the following 4 actions. Here are the choices he offers in my own words:

1. Take a picture of yourself (this helped me with Body For Life, too), put it somewhere you’ll see it often (he recommends the dog’s forehead)

A nice pic from 2005

2. Take a picture of everything you eat for 2 or 3 days. Use your hand in the picture for sizing. “For maximum effect, put these photos online for others to see.” Ha!! This is amusing to me because I did just that last month. My plan was to do it on a “closed blog,” as I didn’t really want everyone seeing what I ate(!) that I would invite my health coach to watch. I managed a couple of days, I think, before I gave it up. I have been using that closed blog to keep track of my migraines, too.

One of the meals I was ok with posting 🙂

3. Find someone to engage in a friendly competition with you, using the TI mentioned above (rather than weight). 4. Get a tape measure and measure, “both upper arms (mid-bicep), waist (horizontal at navel), hips (widest point between navel and legs) and both legs (mid-thigh). Total these numbers to arrive at your TI. I’m telling you again because I know you didn’t do it after the last chapter. Get off your ass and get ‘er done. It takes five minutes.” This make me laugh out loud, since I hadn’t moved from the chair since I started reading. Another of my own tips – measure from your elbow or knee or ankle how many inches up or down you are measuring (like 5 inches up from your knee) so that you measure the same place every time – something I learned from the PT).

I’d love to find someone who wants to join me on this – just a little friendly competition/motivation. I know it helps me to have someone else checking in with me, although I don’t feel very competitive in general. I’m excited about his ideas because they make sense to me.

Meanwhile, in other news, I hired a health coach. That is to start tomorrow night, and I am very excited about that too. Although I am wondering, to tell the truth, if that was a mistake. A little buyer’s remorse, maybe? I have no idea how it will go, never having done this before. I mostly believe in the premise, as I know that leaning on someone with professional know-how has helped me in many other areas of my life, even physical fitness (as with the PT) but it also feels a little scary to invest money in myself this way. Strange, isn’t it? That investing money in my health seems somehow…frivolous? Part of my goals with the health coach is, of course, weight loss, but I’m also interesting in decreasing my migraines, getting decent sleep and decreasing my depression.

From the health coach’s blog….I mean, she’s fantastic, right?

At any rate, I’ll be blogging about both as I go. Feel free to follow along…and drop me a line if you’d like to join me in some way. Who knows, I might let you in on the closed blog…if we get a bunch of people doing it, could be fun…


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  1. […] about food and eating many times, like that time I did the Whole 30, or when I was very in to The Four Hour Body. In my defense, those two and Body for Life are the only diet plans I ever followed (and the Whole […]


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