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How does he sleep that way?!


The reason you can’t make out his head is because it’s hanging off the ottoman.


Lightening the load

Having just realized that I will be pulling up stakes here in 5 ½ months, I have been thinking a lot about what to keep and what to get rid of. When I moved here, I thought I did pretty well trimming down, going from a whole house to a one bedroom apartment, but looking around, considering that I’d like to make this move pulling as small a trailer behind my car as possible, I realize I could let a lot more go.

The small trailer...

Someone spoke to me recently about the cost of moving things vs replacing things and it stuck with me. Take, for instance, my chest freezer. I love this thing, because it makes my life so much easier. It means I can keep my shopping down to once a month, and that I can take goodies from high growing season with me into winter. I bought it at the scratch and dent Sears outlet for about $300 6 years ago. In order to take it across the country with me, I’d have to take the largest size uhaul my car is allowed to tow, increasing the cost by $200, plus the additional cost of gas for the trip.

Come on, isn’t it cute?

Except, yeah, I could buy a brand new one for about $250. That has been rolling around in my head for about a week, now, and it suddenly occurred to me this morning that the same is true about my fabulous Ikea shelves. I love my shelving, I do. It was the first piece of furniture I bought for my new house and was a big expenditure for me at that time. The shelves are fabulous and come completely apart – but they are also 7 feet tall. And pretty heavy. Again increasing the cost of the trailer and gas.

Yup, these are them.

To buy new ones? $148. That wouldn’t replace all the ones I have now, I have a couple more than that, but I have been considering an ereader for years. Which brings me to the reason for these shelves.

Here they are...full of books...

Books. Yes, and this is my scaled back version of books. Yes, there are some others in my house, but these are the reason for most of the shelving. I think I’ve decided that about four shelves worth of these books are irreplaceable. Or too expensive to replace. My rule for books lately has been that if I can find the book easily and inexpensively online, and I haven’t looked at it in a while, I sell/donate it. These are the ones I thought I couldn’t live without. Unless I had a Kindle or Nook or some other ereader that I could replace them with. Again, the cost of shipping or moving these books is…prohibitive. The Kindle I could put in my backpack.

From The Scholarly Kitchen

That last paragraph prompted a good hour of online searching to see what would happen to my content if a) I die (this was what came up when I started to google my actual question – which reminded me of managing my dad’s MANY books when he passed, b) my Kindle dies (it’s all up there in the Cloud – if you bought from Amazon), c) Amazon goes out of business (you’ll still be able to read the content you bought – back it all up to your computer – although no one thinks Amazon is going out of business). I also found a number of interesting blogs and quite a bit of garbage that I had to sift through – that is the kind of surfing that I waste time with…

Tools glorious tools...

I have other stuff I’d like to pare down, too. Bins and boxes and yes, this tool box. This tool box has been important to me for a long time. As a home owner it was useful to have things like a sink-wrench or pipe cutter. But for now I’m a renter again. Also, back in the day I used to work on my own car – but the last time I change the oil on this car was 2000.

Ah, the Blazer. I loved this truck.

So the plan for the next few months is this: when I use a tool from the box, I’ll put it on top. I’m only taking things I actually use. I think I’ll do the same for these other bins I have around. 

The last large thing I really need to think about is in that picture of my shelves with the books on them…yeah, the treadmill. That is another object I love. But it deserves it’s own post.

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