Come on out, Bob. We just wanna talk to ya…

I was headed to bed when I saw lights in the back yard. I figured out was the neighbor’s headlights from next door. As I moved into the front room, though, I heard a strange, squeaky sound. A loud, strange,  squeaky sound. I stopped moving and listened. There it was again. I looked around for Bodhi but he hadn’t yet left the living room.
Suddenly a very loud voice said, “This is the Lowell police. Could the resident at xyz Butterfield please come outside?”
Uh, that’s definitely my address (although we each have a different apartment number). I peered out the peep hole. There were three cop cars out front & spotlights going all over the building. The voice kept going, repeating the same request. Finally a neighbor comes out in his bath robe & the cop starts quizzing him, what’s his name, which apartment he’s in, who’s in there with him, what’s his name, does he have a gun…
Wait a minute. Did he just ask if the guy had a gun? I stopped in the act of putting on Bodhi’s leash and went back to the door.
It took them about 15 minutes to get the guy to come out, put his hands over his head & kneel down in the parking lot, then cops appeared from all over & entered the building. I took Bodhi out back at that point (poor guy had been waiting patiently for his last outing) and I could see the cops going through several apartments with powerful flashlights.
Meanwhile the guy in the parking lot admitted that he’d told the 911 operator that he had a gun, and that his roommate had put his hands down his pants, how that iss just too much to take and that he just needs to go to the hospital.
The neighbor he’s talking about is the one who came out first. That’s the same neighbor, btw, who woke me last Sunday before 8 am to ask me if I had a cigarette. “No?” he said, clearly disappointed, “how about a cigar?”
I waited till they were all gone before I changed for bed. Just another hopping night in the Acre.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Wait, so he called the police because his roommate put his hands down his pants, and he had a gun? At least he called the police rather than shooting anyone! Wild night! Makes the drug house in CR pale in comparison.


  2. Lol. The roommate claimed he had been sleeping when he came out (first) but that his roommate (bob) was pretty drunk. As soon as he said his name (the first guy) the cops started calling him over….it was crazy. And so LOUD. I stayed in my doorway till someone shone a light in my eyes and someone else said, “nah, that’s a woman.”


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