Bodhi update

Well, I took Bodhi in for his first checkup since we arrived last week. Of course they did bloodwork. I got a call on Friday with his results.

According to the vet, his urine is too dilute, his sugars were too high and he may have hypothyroid. She didn’t think anything was going to jump up and kill him immediately, but she did think he needed to have another test done in six weeks. First of all, I have no idea how I will manage to pay to have all that bloodwork done again in six weeks, and secondly, there is a part of me that just wants to believe the vet is out of her mind. I plan to pick up the results on Monday and faxing it back to Bodhi’s old vet and see if she will just give me a quick reading of them.

I didn’t really enjoy my experience at the vet – the vet tech tried to scare/bully me into heartworm test/pills, then the vet came in and tried to scare/bully me into some inoculation that went with the parvo. Can I just say that I never said to either of these people that I wouldn’t do these things, just that he hadn’t been on heartworm pills before. And the inoculation thing was something I had never even heard of, so it certainly wasn’t something I was trying to deny Bodhi.

Also, they took Bodhi out of the room to draw the blood – that always bugs me, although I know many vets do it. I like to be with my pet the whole time.

Finally, the news she gave me was not very good news and I really, really want to just believe that she’s out of her mind. Unfortunately, all the things she mentioned were things that my vet told me were probably going to happen to Bodhi after his heat stroke. She told me that if it didn’t happen right away (that first weekend) that it would probably happen later. Essentially, the heat stroke (according to the good vet and some web research) compromised Bodhi’s organs, and kidney failure was one of the things the vet was most worried about.

After the heatstroke

Even before the heat stroke my vet told me that Bodhi probably wouldn’t live as long as Detta. She told me he wasn’t put together too well, that he seemed to have gotten the weaknesses of both breeds (Rottweiler/Great Dane).

Regardless of all these warnings AND Bodhi’s history of silly behavior, I will miss him a lot when he dies. It’s been a kind of long weekend.


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  1. That’s a tough story to share, but thanks for sharing it.

    The pet care industry sucks. Period. My sister is a vet and I still think that the industry sucks. It seems that no matter where you go, the process is the same. You meet a receptionist, who may or may not already try to sell you something, either flea and tick products, some expensive food or treats or a wellness plan. Then, you meet the vet tech, who spends the most amount of time with you and seems to have a good sense of what is going on, but just takes vitals, asks questions and enters in information into a computer. Then, the vet comes in and tells you you need to get tests, but doesn’t always explain why the tests are necessary and if the tests are to confirm suspicions. Then, your pet goes into the back to get blood work done and usually a urine sample to test. This usually results in a hospitalization charge, since the work is done in the back. The test comes back with some numbers that might be a little off, but nothing clear. This means that you are left wondering if there is anything serious and the vet will talk about all of the rare cases he or she has read in vet journals which your pet may be suffering from, but at no point does the vet say, here is how you can make sure your pet is comfortable at home and here are the signs you can look for which may be an indication of something more serious and a reason to go back to the vet.

    Of course, after the vet leaves, then the vet tech comes back to itemize your bill, along with the recommendations from the vet, which you feel bullied into accepting, since you don’t feel like you are in a good position to turn down recommendations, since, what do you know anyway and don’t they have my best interest in mind?

    The industry makes me feel so awful. I know there must be some places which aren’t run like this, but can imagine that places not like that won’t survive since they don’t make as much profit.


    • Bjorn – that is almost exactly what happened! I guess I didn’t realize how good my vet in Minnetonka was, because I haven’t had that experience at all (and she was my vet the whole 10 years I lived there). She always did everything right in the office with me and was always willing to discuss what I wanted for my pets.
      I was actually thinking about you and J when I was at the vet, I was thinking about anti-vaccine moms and feeling like maybe I was being unreasonable or something, not wanting Bodhi to have all these drugs they wanted to give him.
      I actually feel more hopeful after reading your comment, because I know my “regular” vet isn’t like that at all and maybe she can help some.


      • BTW, I just called the Minnetonka Animal Hospital where the greatest vet I know works and they said absolutely, fax us what you have and she will take a look at it.
        Just saying.

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